Yellowstone Forever THANKS you generous CFC donors!

As a generous CFC supporter, your gift helps provide foundational support for priority projects in the world’s first national park. Each and every day you help maintain facilities, support education for the next generation, and protect wildlife through programs like the Yellowstone Cougar Project. And for that, I want to say thank you and give you an exclusive look at some of the work you’ve helped to make possible this year.

Chlorpyrifos Victory

In August 2021, the Environmental Protection Agency (EPA) announced a decision to revoke all food tolerances of the brain-damaging insecticide chlorpyrifos. Friends of the Earth’s Food & Agriculture Team has worked to maintain this fight alongside fellow environmental and public health entities for more than a decade. This victory is a huge step forward for public health and the environment and against the use of toxic pesticides.

The Story of an Activist and CCAN

As a little boy nearly 50 years ago, Mike Tidwell saw some of his favorite trees in his neighborhood being cut down and, so, he decided to write a letter to President Nixon to ask the federal government to take action and protect the trees. To his surprise and delight, the White House wrote him back a few weeks later thanking him for sharing his concerns. It was the first time he took action to protect the environment.

Nature for All

In 2021 Audubon Naturalist Society completed a stream and trail restoration at our headquarters. The project’s completion was a silver lining in a tough pandemic year. We knew from the beginning that just saying, ‘nature is for everyone’ wasn’t enough. We had to provide the access to nature, and we did. In 2021, we completed wheelchair accessible features including a composting restroom facility, parking spaces and a bus pull-off at the trailhead to our newly accessible nature trail. We added a water fountain, bike racks and a bike repair station.