Health Care

Keeping Shoshanna Safe

Shoshanna Drinks is a sweet, cherub-cheeked two-year-old who was born with Tay-Sachs disease, a rare genetic illness for which there is no cure. After developing normally for the first year of life, she started losing abilities such as feeding herself, sitting up and communicating. Last summer, her parents noticed Shoshanna’s symptoms growing more serious. After consulting with their pediatrician, they started care with Gilchrist Kids.

A Rural Response to COVID-19

Like so many people in our region, this sweet 99-year-old patient (pictured) had just completed an infusion of lifesaving monoclonal antibodies. We were the first in Southwest Virginia to offer this incredible treatment with each infusion taking two hours to complete. Ethan, Nurse Practitioner (pictured) has been leading our nursing staff through each infusion and they have administered over 2,000 so far! Our dedicated team has been on the frontlines since the very beginning working tirelessly to save lives in our region.

I've No Where Else to Sleep

I was visiting an elderly gentleman’s Truman VA hospital room one afternoon. As I entered his room, I saw he was sleeping but his wife was sitting in a chair next to his bed. She and I talked about her husband and how he served in the "Big War" after they were first married. She spoke of her loving husband, their marriage, their home a distance away, their children and their many precious grand and great-grand kids. While he was still asleep, I asked her where she was spending her nights.

The Right to Reproductive Health: Supporting Girls to Take Charge of Their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

18-year-old Mirela hesitated as she peered around the clinic’s waiting room.

Women twice her age crowded the space. As the only teenager in the room, would they judge her for turning up for contraceptive counseling? She had so many questions about how she could prevent an unplanned pregnancy, but with judgment abound, she had no trusted source to ask. What if her family – or worse yet – her community knew she was here?

And what if the provider turned her away?

The Caring Foundation of Texas: Care Van

Founded in 1991, the Caring Foundation of Texas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to convening medical providers to offer preventative healthcare services to uninsured and underinsured Texans. These services include immunizations, screenings, health education, and dental care. Since inception, we have helped more than 1.4 million Texans access preventative healthcare services statewide. This is accomplished through the Foundation’s two programs, the Care Van (a statewide mobile health care clinic) and the School Based Immunization Program.