Housing & Shelter

Looking Up

There was no way to win. Ever. Verbal abuse was a daily activity. I had been shoved down, choked, had a gun pointed at me, objects thrown at me. Some of them didn't actually hit me, but missed and made holes in the walls. He even spit in my face a few times. That was my life. I knew I deserved a better life. I had been through enough trauma in my life before him, and I didn't deserve to put up with this. But it just didn't matter at this point. My life was what it was.

Breaking the Cycle of Poverty

Shelter, Food, Health Care and Disaster Relief is the heart beat for services provided by Four Corners International Mission (FCIM). When a child is born, we can’t wait to bring them home to a safe environment full of love and care. However, in other countries, there are children struggling to find a safe place they can call home. Children are being discarded in the trash, in the woods or along the road side. Baby Valentine was a fragile little orphan that was found in an outdoor toilet covered with maggots, feces and urine.

Eagles Nest of St Clair County

The Eagles Nest of St. Clair County was founded and incorporated in 1997 as a 501(c)3 charitable organization to address the issue of homelessness amongst veteran males. From 1997 to 2009, the founder worked tirelessly to find a building and funders to support the vision. In 2009, The Joseph Center was opened as a 24-hour, secure transitional housing facility. The center operates in a 5535 square foot facility in East St Louis, Il and it encompasses a resident day room, computer lab, laundry room, cafeteria/recreational space, and thirteen (13) double occupancy rooms.