Human Services

A place to call Home

Having proudly served the United States Navy, Jones cherished the time spent in Hawaii and Alaska in particular. Jones joined us after spending a period living downtown behind some bushes while receiving dialysis at our local Veterans Administration hospital. Every so often, after growing weary of the daily dialysis and constant hospital stays, thoughts would always circle back to wishing for the end. One day, Jones had finally had enough and was ready to quit dialysis and spend the last few days of life with us, in our home.

Emergency Client Assistance

Around 3 a.m. one night, the lives of our client “Anita” and her four-year-old daughter “Felicia” were changed when an unexpected fire destroyed their home. They woke from a deep slumber to find their apartment flooded with water and smoke and the building engulfed in flames. Felicia and Anita were the last two people to be rescued by the fire department; they lost everything except each other. Worse still, Anita does not have family to whom she could turn for support. She is a single mother, working 40-plus hours a week to cover their living expenses.

Clean slate paves way to better future

When he was a young man, Harold was charged with a burglary offense and given deferred adjudication (DA), a special type of probation that allows a charge to be removed from a criminal record. Although Harold successfully completed the DA terms, the arrest remained on his record because removal is not automatic, but requires an additional legal step that most people don’t know how to do on their own. So despite an otherwise clean criminal record, Harold was haunted by that charge every time he sought employment or tried to rent an apartment.

Clear Path for Veterans

Clear Path For Veterans is an all-inclusive, 501(c)(3) non-profit community-based resource center that partners with local businesses and organizations to connect Veterans, service members, and their families to the resources they need, and provide them with in-house non-clinical programs to ensure that Veterans are holistically supported in all of their physical and emotional needs.