Mental Health & Crisis Intervention

Nashville Veteran Songwriting Program

The CreatiVets songwriting program pairs veterans with accomplished songwriters and music artists to allow them the opportunity to creatively express their story through a song. The veteran travels to Nashville, Tennessee, where he or she is met by a veteran that has gone through the program and can help make the veteran comfortable with the experience, and then participates in a songwriting session to write a song that is recorded and made available for the veteran to share with family and friends.

PTSD had robbed me of so much

Tiffany had suffered from PTSD for quite a while. PTSD had robbed her of so many things already.
She needed hope and a helper. She was getting maybe 3 hours of sleep per night and isolating. She was empty, screaming and lost…..
Through her social worker she found out about Paws Assisting Veterans and once again she had a small glimmer of HOPE. The one-on-one training and tailor-made approach of Paws Assisting Veterans was just what she needed. Sage, her new service dog, and Tiffany quickly became inseparable.