Public Safety, Disaster Preparedness & Relief

Saving Lives in Cambodia

Forty-one-year-old Seng has been raising her two children with 162 anti-personnel landmines surrounding their home in Cambodia.

Before moving to her current home in Chob Kokir, Seng had moved around frequently, following her husband’s career. Finally settling in one place and having a home of her own was hugely important to her; it gave her the opportunity to put down roots, to cultivate land and secure a steadier income for her family.

More than a house

These two girls are the same age as this volunteer's daughter back in the States. Three years ago, this woman and a team of youth volunteers built a house for the girl on the left. This girl and her two older sisters lived in a shack without a roof, with a dirt floor that turned to mud everytime if rained. Today the girl was excited to show the volunteer the home they've made from the house built so many years ago. Prior to building the home the dad was not around, but now he's back and is a loving dad, and they are a family.