3: SoCal

Helping Veterans Find Success

Workshops for Warriors empowers veterans to reclaim their lives and find fulfilling employment. Veterans like Craig Molina. Craig was raised in North Carolina on a Cherokee Indian Reservation with his adoptive Cherokee family. “I had a very good family,” Craig said. “Growing up on a reservation was hard. It was drug-ridden with lots of alcohol abuse. Luckily, my family wasn’t part of that.”

ULF Success Story

For three decades, United Latinx Fund (ULF) has served as Greater Los Angeles’ leading foundation and philanthropic resource created for and by Latinx and is one among a few Latinx-specific funds throughout the United States. ULF nurtures resilient communities by advancing and investing in equitable, impactful and sustainable Latinx-serving nonprofits, innovations and leaders. Over the past 30 years, ULF has awarded over one million dollars to over 600 nonprofits throughout Greater Los Angeles working to transform, uplift and improve our community's quality of life.

Empowering through Employment

While the majority of our community stayed at home during the pandemic-related shutdown, it was essential workers that continued to keep the necessary components of our community going. One of those necessities is our region’s transportation system, provided by The San Diego Metropolitan Transit System (MTS). MTS serves approximately three million people in the San Diego area, including thousands of essential workers relying on their services to get to their place of employment.