Why We Do What We Do: Agatha's Story

Nothing showcases how you can help a farmer, their family, and a community transform quite like the story of Agatha and her community of farmers. Agatha is a mother of nine and a farmer in Burkina Faso. There is a strong, caring energy about her that people gravitate towards, which is why she has become a leader in her community. The ability to lead her community's improvement has always been there. But with Groundswell International's support, she has been able to turn that ability into action through a Groundswell-introduced fellowship, community-farm and water-well initiative.

Solar Sister Entrepreneur

As twilight fell in the central Tanzanian village, family and friends gathered to pay their respects to Patricia Ngwada’s late mother. As it grew dark, Patricia turned on the solar lamp she had purchased for her mother a few years earlier. After the funeral, everyone wanted to know about the solar lamp and where they could get one.

Patricia purchased the lamp from one of her relatives, a Solar Sister Entrepreneur. After the questions about the lamp, she contacted the relative and joined Solar Sister.