17: North Texas

Clean slate paves way to better future

When he was a young man, Harold was charged with a burglary offense and given deferred adjudication (DA), a special type of probation that allows a charge to be removed from a criminal record. Although Harold successfully completed the DA terms, the arrest remained on his record because removal is not automatic, but requires an additional legal step that most people don’t know how to do on their own. So despite an otherwise clean criminal record, Harold was haunted by that charge every time he sought employment or tried to rent an apartment.

The Caring Foundation of Texas: Care Van

Founded in 1991, the Caring Foundation of Texas is a 501(c)(3) nonprofit organization dedicated to convening medical providers to offer preventative healthcare services to uninsured and underinsured Texans. These services include immunizations, screenings, health education, and dental care. Since inception, we have helped more than 1.4 million Texans access preventative healthcare services statewide. This is accomplished through the Foundation’s two programs, the Care Van (a statewide mobile health care clinic) and the School Based Immunization Program.

A Parent's Testimonial

What an evening to remember! Being apart of something so important in todays society during a really pressing time has been the steppingstone to many great opportunities for scholars and donors. The ESUME program and program coordinators. This is clearly an event you want to invest and sow seed in.

Veteran Gets A New Beginning In Life

Benjamin Neuner
Age: 68
Status: Single
Family: 2 Adult Children and 2 Grandchildren
Training: CNC Machinist
Military Service:
United States Air Force, Strategic Air Command, 93rd OMS, Castle AFB, Merced, CA (1975-1979). Flight line Supervisor (1978-1979). Certified Crew Chief on B-52 D, F and G models; Assistant Crew Chief, KC-135
Secret security clearance (exp 1979), Human Reliability Program (HRP), Worldwide Mobility. Clearance to work on nuclear and explosives loaded aircraft. Honorable Discharge

My Breast Cancer Journey

Nadia is a 56-year-old wife and mother who went for her routine mammogram and was informed that she needed further imaging including a biopsy. Nadia stated she was consumed with terror and panic. This was a major wake up call, she was in America, no job, no insurance and they had gone through their savings.

Maria's Story - Community Partners of Dallas

Last year Maria spent her nights battling nightmares. When her father woke up unexpectedly, he was his very meanest, and that was never good for Maria and her sister. One night when her father was awakened because her baby sister was sick and crying, he threw tiny Juanita against the wall to make her be quiet. Maria also had her own vivid memories of her father’s rage from the night he broke her arm because she accidently spilled her milk in the kitchen. These images used to haunt Maria’s sleep, but today things are different.