23: Peachbelt

Operation Teammate

Inspiring military children since 2015.
Being a part of a team is an important aspect of youth development. It teaches us about belonging to something larger and greater than ourselves. From our teammates, we learn about how to deal with adversity and how to overcome, together. Military children are no stranger to challenges, this we know. At Operation Teammate, we’re striving to show every single military child that they are not alone, that they have a team cheering them on.

CASA Volunteer Identifies Resources and Provides Support for Family

Due to parental methamphetamine abuse, three children – all ages three and under – were placed in the care of their grandmother. CASA volunteer Carolyn was assigned to the case and continuously provided support to both the grandmother and the parents. She identified resources necessary to meet the children’s needs and ensured the parents received the necessary supports to work towards being reunified with their children. Eighteen months later, the children were successfully returned to their parents’ care.

Finding Support and Relief

Kora has always known what it means to stretch a dollar. A mother of children ranging from 22 to five years old, she often extends a helping hand to her children's’ friends, offering a haven for those that need it in addition to caring for her godmother. But even with multiple incomes, budgeting, and getting things on sale, it can be a challenge to feed everyone who ends up under her roof.

She found Hugs and Hope, a partner agency of the Atlanta Community Food Bank in Snellville, and, in the process, felt her prayers were answered.

Kara's Journey

KARA married her husband when she was 19 and, shortly after, gave birth to her son. She had a vision of what she wanted in life and she was willing to work hard to obtain it. Kara enrolled in college and felt that she was well on her way. However, shortly after her son’s birth, her husband began exerting control. First it was emotional and financial abuse, then physical. Through it all, Kara was still able to obtain her bachelor’s degree.

Dottie's second chance

PAWS Atlanta alum Dottie Waffles' life changed when her adopters saw her sad, sweet little Charlie Chaplin face on PAWS Atlanta's Instagram feed a couple of years back.

Dottie had been abandoned outside PAWS Atlanta's gate one night. We found her early in the morning, peering up at us as if to say, "Can you help me?" Yes, little bee. Yes, we can.

And that's where the magic began to happen. We shared Dottie's story and her adopters immediately reached out.