24: Greater TN Valley

Discovering a Love of Nature

On a cold November day, we waited for the yellow school bus to arrive bringing a wary group of students for the first of a three day outdoor education adventure. Most of the kids had never set foot on a hiking trail - much less spent an entire day outside in near freezing temperatures. After some coaxing to leave the warmth of the bus, activities began. As they walked outside, it did not take long for attitudes to change. With smiles and new found confidence, the kids plunged knee deep in the pond to capture invertebrates.

Casey's Story

Casey came to Faith N Friends with a body score of 1/10. She is missing her front teeth. Casey has a fighting spirit, however, and is doing well in a refeeding program and gaining weight nicely. On intake, she was immediately seen by the farrier for a serious trim to get her feet healthy. Floating was forced to wait until she'd gained enough weight to have her teeth seen to safely. She will need to be on soaked feed for life due to her dental issues.

They Gave Him a Home

Tim D. has been gone from TBCH for several years now. Recently, he shared the following about his experiences while a resident at TBCH--taking the horses on trail rides, playing street hockey, and avoiding snapping turtles while fishing in the pond. Now he is married, works as an industrial maintenance technician, and serves as a volunteer firefighter.

Nashville Veteran Songwriting Program

The CreatiVets songwriting program pairs veterans with accomplished songwriters and music artists to allow them the opportunity to creatively express their story through a song. The veteran travels to Nashville, Tennessee, where he or she is met by a veteran that has gone through the program and can help make the veteran comfortable with the experience, and then participates in a songwriting session to write a song that is recorded and made available for the veteran to share with family and friends.

"My First REAL Job!"

Rebecca’s Success Story

“Rebecca is 20 and has an intellectual disability. We found out about Phoenix through her special education class at school. Phoenix is a United Way of Madison County Partner Agency. Their mission is to improve the quality of life,
self-sufficiency, and employability primarily for individuals with disabilities. Services include vocational evaluations, job placement and coaching, educational services in high schools and job opportunities.