26: Michigan

Needed assistance for Airman J's family

Senior Airman J. is the father of three young children. He sustained a severe knee injury due to an IED while deployed to Iraq. Airman J. recently underwent knee surgery and was unable to work. The VA did not provide the convalescent benefit he should have received. With less than $800.00 a month to live on, the FWSF has provided $4036.00 in assistance for rent, utilities, and car insurance while Airman J. has been unable to work.

Pigeon's smile steals hearts but caused trouble

Pigeon’s quirky smile quickly steals hearts, but it was causing him some trouble when he first came to Michigan Humane. The stray shepherd mix has a misaligned jaw, and several of his teeth were rubbing against his gums making it painful to chew. X-rays showed no evidence of injury, so it is likely he was born that way. Our skilled veterinary team performed surgery to remove several of his teeth to make him more comfortable and prevent future issues. Once he healed, he immediately caught the eye of his new family and he was in a forever home in less than 24 hours!

'This place saved my life'

Born prematurely, Faith was given only a 5% chance of survival. Faith spent three months in the hospital and lived!

For much of her adult life, she worked as a nanny. Then her beloved mother died, followed by her father. Faith felt so alone but kept moving forward in faith. After that, Faith got so sick that she couldn’t walk. She was hospitalized for a month but, again, survived. She began rehabilitation that lasted six months. During this time, Faith was unable to work and pay her rent. So, she lost her apartment and was locked out of all her belongings.

Feeding Souls: Changing Lives

God’s Storehouse #85820
‘We Are Our Brothers’ Keeper’

‘You can be the face of change’. Change is what this whole year has been. Stepping up and serving in spite of the Pandemic; with more needs and recipients of our services than ever...not only the homeless, and working poor; but those affected by the pandemic… The change is not only different, but additional clientele.

Dallas Nicole Foundation: Summer Day Camp Academics

Dallas Nicole Foundation received a request for academic support from a summer day camp program from a metropolitan Detroit inner-city church. The summer day camp director mentioned that the day camp had no academic activities, and the summer day camp staff was specifically seeking a math-based overall curriculum for the 8-week program to keep the youth engaged in school activities during the summer months.