28: Ohio

We could not reach our goals without Community Shares of Mid Ohio.

We depend on the work and skill of Community Shares of Mid Ohio not only for their workplace fundraising but also for the depth of knowledge, resources, and support the staff and all associated, provides. We have been fortunate to be a charity benefiting from Community Shares of Mid Ohio. Our work with the companion pets we serve would not be as rich or far-reaching without the support of funding. Just as importantly, we have learned so much from Community Shares. The staff is so knowledgeable about compliance, resources, and training that help to make non-profits even stronger.

Canine Co-Pilots help kids soar!

This year we launched our innovative Canine Co-Pilots facility dog program, which is already making a difference in how we care for kids like Brady!
He has been a patient at Dayton Children’s since he was a newborn and requires frequent blood draws for his chronic condition.
“As he got older it became a very traumatic thing to have labs drawn and often required multiple people to help hold him down,” says his mom Kerri. “It was awful to watch because he has the sweetest personality.”