31: Chesapeake Bay Area

Home at Last - Jessica's Story

Jessica graduated college, gave birth to a beautiful daughter named Eden, and became a budget specialist at Johns Hopkins School of Public Health. As Jessica says, she was a “boomerang child” – off to college and then back to her parents’ house as rent prices and down payments on houses soared out of reach. For years, she strove to save for a house of her own and researched first-time homebuyer programs across the state to no avail.

The Light in the Heart

Liliana was a student who was extremely disruptive while at school. She was constantly being removed from class because of disruptive behavior, and outbursts, and often engaged in arguments with her teachers and other figures of authority.

While Liliana's behavior made it difficult for others to successfully connect with her, I felt drawn to her and wanted to help. Something about her behavior seemed to come from a place of pain, trauma, or a cry for attention.

Neighbor Ride Volunteers Are Like Family

Donna became a part of the Neighbor Ride family in
2015 - using our service to get to a fairly typical
variety of medical and physical therapy appointments.
The summer of 2017, however, brought a new
challenge. Donna's kidneys were failing. Placed on a
transplant list, she faced months on dialysis. But she
wasn’t alone. Neighbor Ride's volunteer drivers, who
had already fallen in love with the fun and feisty 68
year old, rallied to ensure that week after week, she
was able to get the life-sustaining treatment she

Protective Orders Help Domestic Violence Victims

The Protection Order Advocacy and Representation Project (POARP) provides clients with a free attorney to represent them in protection order hearings if they have been abused by an intimate partner (current or past boyfriend/girlfriend, current or ex-spouse). Protective orders help victims of domestic violence and their families be safe from abuse. A judge can order the abuser to leave the house; order the abuser not to abuse, threaten, contact or harass the victim; order the abuser to stay away from the victim's work, school or daycare providers; and other remedies.

Developing Solutions to Challenging Issues

At United Way of the Eastern Panhandle, we invest in programs and services that build stronger, healthier and more financially stable individuals and families.
By working together with non-profit partners, corporations, area businesses, community leaders, volunteers and donors, United Way of the Eastern Panhandle works to improve lives in Berkeley, Morgan and Jefferson counties. We are creating significant community change in the Eastern Panhandle with an emphasis on developing lasting solutions to some of our area's most challenging issues.