32: National Capital Area/North VA

From Intern to HIRED!

Charlie wasn't looking for an internship as a junior…she didn't even know what EnventU was! But as she rushed out the door to band practice, her teacher, Mr. Adan, pushed her to interview. Charlie had always exhibited a level of maturity far beyond her 16 years. Helping to care for her four younger brothers and sisters had caused her to grow up quickly, and Mr. Adan knew she would be a perfect fit.

On Your Feet Again: Navigating Transitions during COVID-19

Feet, what do I need you for when I have wings to fly? – Frida Kahlo

After a year full of challenges, ups, and downs, we found ourselves in a moment of transition. We are still experiencing the consequences and after-effects the COVID-19 crisis has left in our community. At the same time, we’re witnessing testimonies of resilience and the strength of families getting back some level of stability and relief.

Normalcy looks different in 2021 and beyond than it did in 2019.

Extra care is here when they need it

Luna is a two-year-old pit mix whom the Montgomery County Humane Society first rescued, along with her litter mates, abandoned in a bin next to a dumpster in March, 2019. The puppies were underweight, covered in urine and feces and suffering from intestinal parasites. Thanks to the generous support of people like you, we were able to bring them to safety, treat their parasites, provide them with spay/neuter and life-saving vaccinations, and give them a safe place to await their new homes. And, they quickly did!

National Capital Lyme Disease Association - We Help You Fight the BITE!!

On November 3, 1999, desperately ill and debilitated Lyme patients and their supporters gathered on the Bethesda campus of the National Institutes of Health to highlight their plight to the medical community and plead for help. They were sick and unable to function, but doctors and researchers could not tell them why or provide treatment to make them well again.

Your investment in a local child's success really makes a difference!

Maria is a single mom who had been working full time at a hospital and attending community college to obtain a degree and a better paying job. She couldn’t afford to pay much for child care so she used it sparingly, relying on family members to fill in the gaps when they could. Days would go by when she would get little to no sleep, so it was a struggle to keep up with her studies. When she and her son were together, Maria was so tired and stressed out, she struggled to be the good parent she had always hoped to be.