Women entrepreneurs get back to business in India

Twenty-six-year-old Rosina Das runs a small grocery shop in her village near Balakati, Odisha, in eastern India. She and her husband own a small lot of land, but their crops don’t bring in enough money for them to provide for their two children and meet their household needs. Rosina needed another way to support her family, so she converted a small room in her house into a grocery store and became a small business owner. Her business quickly took off since there weren’t many other stores in her village.

Man of action is back in action!

Joe was a Green Beret on mission in Afghanistan when he was hit in the head by a PKM round! The bullet grazed his skull and the bone fragments shattered and hit his brain, causing a TBI (traumatic brain injury). This left him with hemispheric paralysis, meaning he was paralyzed on one side of his body: one eye doesn’t work, one arm, one leg...

A Brighter Future for Farming and the Community

In Santa Ana, California, one urban farm is fighting to bring food sovereignty and cooperative economy to a community wrought with health disparities. In 2016, lead farmer Abel Ruiz helped found CRECE Urban Farms, a five-member, cooperatively-run project that is committed to making fresh, local food accessible to communities of color in the area. Abel recalls, “Our project emerged from the vision of elders, residents, and youth in our community who were fed up with the health disparities in which we live in Santa Ana.

A water pump changes everything!

My name is Jean Milo and I am a father and a pastor here in Haiti. CMMB installed a water pump near our home in February and it’s changed our lives. In the past, we had to walk 60 minutes to the nearest river to get water. The water we used before was really not good. Animals were drinking in it; people were bathing and doing their laundry in it.

Americares Colombia Clinic Supports Venezuelans Like Maria

Maria and her family had camped for months at a construction site after fleeing Venezuela with nothing. That’s when her baby became ill. Little Dominic had diarrhea, which can be life threatening in a child if left untreated. Without money or citizenship in Colombia, Maria had no options.

Then, another Venezuelan refugee told Maria about an Americares free clinic nearby. She and her husband rushed Dominic to the clinic, where Americares doctors treated the little boy. Within weeks, he was fully recovered.

Saving Halima's Life

Fatuma* lives in Somalia, a country in crisis. Even before the COVID-19 pandemic, years of conflict, severe drought, deadly floods, and swarms of locusts left many Somalis without homes or land, and unable to feed their families. Orphaned at a young age, Fatuma’s life has become increasingly precarious. She lives in a camp for internally displaced people outside of Somalia’s capital city of Mogadishu.

Ethel's Dream

Every day, 15-year-old Ethel, would have to wake before the sun to finish her morning chores. This included chopping wood, fetching containers of water and washing clothes. She would come home late and not have the time or energy to study and complete homework. Before she owned a Buffalo Bicycle from World Bicycle Relief, she had to walk over two hours across hilly terrain every day to attend school. Before the Buffalo Bicycle, she would arrive at school already tired and would struggle to focus, though she loves science and wanted to learn. Her commute now takes 45 minutes.