This Is HOPE

HOPE is dedicated to uplifting communities and restoring financial dignity and economic opportunity in a n effort to remediate root causes of social, economic and racial injustice. HOPE's primary purpose is to enhance, align, leverage, promote and establish best practices and innovative strategies for spurring and sustaining results-based poverty reduction strategies, economic growth, and pathways out of poverty.

Black Girls RUN? Yes, we do!

There is a huge misconception that black women do not run. In an effort to dispel this myth and tackle the growing obesity epidemic in the African American community, Black Girls RUN! Foundation was created as the philanthropic arm to the national organization (Black Girls RUN!) to support our local community footprint, training programs, funding, and resources. Since our founding in 2018, the Black Girls RUN! Foundation has been helping women get healthier through the sport of running.

The Right to Reproductive Health: Supporting Girls to Take Charge of Their Sexual and Reproductive Health and Rights

18-year-old Mirela hesitated as she peered around the clinic’s waiting room.

Women twice her age crowded the space. As the only teenager in the room, would they judge her for turning up for contraceptive counseling? She had so many questions about how she could prevent an unplanned pregnancy, but with judgment abound, she had no trusted source to ask. What if her family – or worse yet – her community knew she was here?

And what if the provider turned her away?

Bringing Empowerment to Citizens & Their Communities

(1) INDEPENDENT REFERENDUM VOTING on Policies & Budgets, Issues & Options to address the Needs & Aspirations of We The People.
--- Uniting America with online authenticated "One Person -- All Persons -- One Vote."
--- Universal suffrage and access.
--- "Votes that Matter, No Matter Who's Elected"
--- Mandates for Change.