Then and Now: 60 Years of the CFC

In 1961, President Kennedy established the Combined Federal Campaign (CFC)black and white polaroids of president kennedy, an astronaut, a house, and airplane from the 1960s through an executive order that would put forth a precedent of giving to charities within the federal community for years to come. Since inception, hundreds of thousands of federal, military, and postal employees have generously come together and pledged over $8.5 billion to the thousands of participating charities. 

This year, as we celebrate 60 years of giving through this historic federal program, we invite all federal employees - and retirees! - to mark the occasion with us, and consider donating a $60 one-time gift in addition to your original pledge, sign up for 60 volunteer hours, or taking part in a 60-minute CFC activity. Stay tuned for more information on how we are celebrating this milestone, and follow us on social media (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram) for engagement opportunities.

But now, take a walk down memory lane with us: What was the beginning of the CFC like? How does it compare to now? Look at our statistics below to see just how far we've come. There's no telling what kind of change we can bring to the world if we keep giving to charities, together.