Why the CFC?

Photo collage of federal employees

We know there are a lot of giving options out there. You might be wondering, why should I give through the CFC?

Here are a few great reasons:

1. Give through Payroll Deduction. Spreading your gift over the year makes it automatic, easier at tax time and it really adds up for your favorite causes!

2. Give to Multiple Charities. Make all of your charitable donations and pledge volunteer hours in one place. 

3. Give for Collective Impact. When we give together, it means bigger checks for  charities. 

Looking for even more reasons?

• Tax-deductible giving 

• Unrestricted funds for charities

• Easy to renew

• Long-standing federal tradition 

• Federal employees can even volunteer 

• Secure online giving platform

• Thousands of vetted charities

• Makes fundraising easy for charities